Friday, 21 May 2021

The Process of Custom Metal Fabrication

 Custom metal fabrication is the process where different shapes and sizes of metal sheets are made by welding together with certain customized aspects such as shape, size, and color. There are many uses of custom metal fabrication in different sectors like aerospace, automobiles, electronics, power generation, construction, medicine, military, warehousing, electronics, textile, and others. Custom metal fabrication is also referred to as sheet retaining or cold-rolled finishing. The process involves various steps such as forming the sheet metal into a specified shape or size with the help of rolling machines or a hot-rolling machine.

The custom metal fabrication industry is booming due to the ever-increasing need for customized products. Some of the common processes that have evolved over the years are punching and cutting (CNC), injection molding (IP), and press brake coating. Punching refers to the process where the material is fed into a die-cutting machine that creates a rough or sharp edge at the tip of the object. CNC refers to computer numerical controlled (CNC) technology that enables the operator to precisely control the cutting process thus enabling the production of accurate products. The injection-molding technology allows the production of objects in different shapes and sizes by using predefined or custom parts that are pressed or injected into molds.

In addition, custom metal fabrication also involves processes such as bending, twisting, coiling, and flaring. The bending process involves feeding two or more shaped materials at a time into a die-cutting machine. Once the desired shapes are generated, the die is quickly set on top of the material and pressed rapidly. This method eliminates the need for manual labor as well as reducing wastage of resources such as electricity, gas, oil or water. Coiling and flaring involve Feed pressurizing, wherein the rolled or bent sheet is fed into the die at an angle, and the sheet is allowed to compress at high pressure before it is returned to its original shape after it is firmly pressed back into the dies.

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